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See Secularism and Secular Humanism

Making the Secular Sacred

Anything that is outside the domain of religion, the spiritual, and the supernatural, is secular.

Objects in the universe are often divided between the secular and the sacred.

metaculture attempts to find secular analogs for all things sacred, so that belief in scriptural literalism can be separated from belief in the transcendent wonder of the universe.

Žižek’s Left-Wing Case for Christian Atheism makes this argument from the perspective of progressive Christianity.

Developing Secular Institutions

Development of secular institutions that serve the roles of religious organizations in society and culture are necessary for humanity to thrive in a future where participation in traditional religion is uncommon.

The Organizations page lists a number of secular communities that attempt to fill this role.

What is Humanism?

All This God Talk is Turning Me Off

Please keep in mind that metaculture is meant to meet people where they are and explain concepts in a way that is meant to build bridges between science and religion. As such, the language and metaphors of religion are employed to show how their understanding can be enhanced with pantheism.

If it helps, every time god is mentioned just think about the universe or the fractal and don't let it bother you.

Secular Music

The kind your fundamentalist parents forbid!