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It is recommended that each pill be kept in its original container to avoid confusion.

Drugs are a mixed blessing. On the one hand, they have done great things for longevity. But the side-effect of these drugs (addiction) is one of the most serious issues faced by modern culture.

While many are quick to paint recreational drugs, pharmaceuticals, or both as being wholly bad, as with any simplistic moral pronouncement it is based on shallow reasoning and absence of nuance.

See psychedelics for details on that particular class of drugs.

Moderation in All Things

Moderation is the antidote to addiction, both to recreational drugs and medically prescribed pharmaceuticals, as well as the recreational use of prescription medications. Independent of recreation, doctors can get addicted to writing prescriptions as a simple cure for complaining patients, and patients get addicted to seek pill-based cures when none are needed. And pharmaceutical industry propaganda has heavily reinforced this notion in both parties, ensuring the addiction is inevitable.

Improper Propaganda

Medical decisions should be influenced by evidence, not propaganda. Therefore, even in a society that values capitalism and freedom of speech, information about drug efficacy should only come through unbiased channels.

New culture norms are needed to enable this. What cannot be made illegal shall be made unbearably tacky.

Placebo Substitutes

The Placebo Effect can be used honestly and effectively to treat many common conditions or induce desired changes on mood. This can provide a safe, affordable alternative to many of the pills people take with unnecessary or ineffective ingredients whose effects are already placebo-based.

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