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Links to groups, publications, and educational resources that promote the values of universalism and science, and creating dialogs between those with different cultures and belief systems in order to promote understanding, unity, and peace.

For content producers that write, lecture, or create videos on these subjects, see Podcasts and Reading List. You can also follow the creators for any of the embedded videos found on this wiki.

While a number of atheist oriented organizations exist that share many of the goals and values advocated here, those with a mission that is primarily anti-religious are not included. Instead, this list focuses on those that promote secular spirituality, humanism, science advocacy, and other universal values.

Looking for honest reviews of spiritual organizations from a secular spirituality perspective? Check out Church Research.

Science and Religion Compatibilism

Organizations that promote philosophy and theology that view science, spirituality, and religion as fundamentally compatible instead of mutually exclusive, and those promoting science and religion dialog. While the content may have varying degrees of woo, they share the goal of resolving cognitive dissonance. Organizations that primarily use pseudoscience to promote literal interpretations of scripture are not included.

Foundations, Initiatives & Resources


Catholic Organizations

Universalism and Pantheism

Spiritual movements and advocacy groups that promote universalist and pantheist theology.

Churches with Universalist Theology

Pantheist Organizations

Fraternal & Service Organizations

Many fraternal service organizations advocate a universalist theology. While they have traditionally excluded women, this is often no longer the case.

Secular Spirituality

Groups that offer purely secular versions of the congregation experience. They promote secular humanist values, provide community, and organize life-celebrating activities like music, weddings, funerals, and other milestone rituals.

Secular Spirituality crossed with culture jamming.

Interfaith Organizing and the Universal In-Group

Organizations that promote equality, inclusivity, and ways to help us embrace all people and cultures and see them as part of our in-group. Organizations that attempt to bridge political and social divides to create broad interfaith coalitions for advocacy and change.

Science and Reason Advocacy

Organizations that promote general science literacy, critical thinking skills, reason and logic. Online learning tools focused on teaching general science skills.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is distinct from self-help in that it offers robust, evidence-based tools that promote meaning and well-being. Where self-help recycles pseudoscience and platitudes to grift on the discontented people in society, these groups promote lasting, meaningful life improvement.

Public Philosophy

Those attempting to make philosophy more practical and accessible, so more people can use it to improve their life choices.


Groups that are local to wiki moderators who have hosted in-person lectures and other relevant events that offer networking opportunities.

Check the Church Research page for a reviews of various religious services in the region.

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