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Information Overload is a very big problem in the age of multiple platforms with infinite newsfeeds.

Trying Hard Not To Make It Worse

metaculture tries to solve this problem by delivering the essential information on best practices that you need too make effective life choices in a clear and concise way, and linking it to an overall pattern that helps you relate it to other subjects and create a unified picture of the universe.

Explanations of basic concepts will be provided via links, and the text will be written with the assumption that the reader understands the topics being discussed. This will eliminate the tedious and redundant recitations of basic scientific theories that fill the pages of most popular science books. Another retelling of the Stanford prison experiment or Schrödinger's cat could be potentially coma-inducing.

God as a Fractal Compression Algorithm

Our brain is designed to find patterns. When a pattern is found, multiple neural pathways can be combined into a single one, freeing up space for the understanding of new concepts. This is similar to how fractal compression algorithms work. Obviously this explanation is simplified, but that's why we have links.

The universal pattern of understanding represented by god acts like a fractal compression algorithm for your entire brain, putting everything you see and learn into a common, holistic framework of understanding.

When your understanding of the rules of the universe closely match the actual universe, the number of exceptions to those rules that you have to remember is reduced, memory is freed, and new information is assimilated and understood more easily.

It is very important to be self-aware and avoid confirmation bias once you have developed a god concept, since it becomes so easy to fit new information into the existing pattern that you can ignore areas where they don't actually match. That's why having self-correction at the heart of your belief system is so important.

Countering Information Overload

While few videos on YouTube relate the topic of information overload to a deity-based fractal compression algorithm, there are many that have good explanations for the information overload we face every day and how to deal with it.

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How to Fix Information Overload

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