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No magic, just neurons

The brain is that thing in your head that makes you do stuff.

The Mind/Body Relationship Summarized

The brain is the source of consciousness. The notion of mind-body dualism is rejected by materialism. It follows that free will does not exist and all of our actions are deterministic. But ethically and legally we must still pretend it does.

Know Thyself

Understanding the basic functions of the brain should be a necessary prerequisite for life in modern society. Since we are nothing more than self-aware brains, we should be aware of how the brain creates the self. This section will attempt to provide a general summary of the most important aspects of neurophysiology and psychology needed to understand the mind/body relationship and how feedback from our environment shapes our thoughts and behavior.

Neural Networks

The brain is a very complex neural network. Understanding how a simple neural network functions is the most important prerequisite to understanding the brain. The functions are identical, just on a much larger scale.

Artificial Intelligence

Large Language Models in AI, a topic currently in the zeitgeist, are likewise based on neural networks. Observing the behavior of LLMs, from repeating misinformation to casual racism, helps us understand our own.

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Brains on Brains

People using their brains to discuss how brains work. Basic brain anatomy and basic functions are part of standard biology coursework and are familiar to most people. However, the study of neural networks is not typically part of a basic science education, even though it is fundamental to understanding both ourselves and the AI that we'll all soon be working for.

The Hidden Brain podcast is full of great brain-related content.

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