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Racism is bad. Don't be racist.

While everyone is dying to hear another diatribe on race from a middle aged white guy, this page will unfortunately disappoint.

Adopting a belief system that has cultural neutrality, universalism, and the creation of a global in-group at its core will lead most people to a pretty race-neutral mindset. metaculture attacks racism at its generating equation to install equality as a core value rather than focusing on the racial outrage porn that is so popular on social media.

Public Enemy - Fight the Power

Sexy Gradient Theory

One of the primary fears fueling modern white racism is Great Replacement Theory. It is based on the observed demographic trends that show whites having fewer children than other races, leading to the conclusion that there is a conspiracy to conquer America and European countries through overwhelming demographics. They envision a future where their culture and traditions are no longer practiced by the majority, and fear that once they become minorities they will be treated the same way whites have treated other minorities throughout history.

Instead of countering this narrative with ad-hominem accusations of racism, regardless of their veracity, a better alternative is to present a vision of the future that we can all look forward to. Instead of whites becoming an oppressed minority, it is much more likely that we will see a dramatic increase in interracial marriages. And this will produce a broad spectrum of absolute hotties, since it has been scientifically proven that mixed-race people are more attractive. [1][2][3][4]

Envision a future full of gorgeous people of every race, and every combination of races, forming an infinite sexy gradient where racial majorities and minorities are meaningless. This is where demographics are truly heading when you look past the next few generations, especially in America.

This doesn't mean that culture and traditions will fade away, since these things have nothing to do with genetics. People will carry on the traditions that are meaningful to them and bring the community together, regardless of whether their skin tone is the same as that of their ancestors who originated them.

Sexy Gradient Theory presents an alternate vision of the future that undermines the Great Replacement narrative and reframes the same demographic inevitabilities a positive trend to be embraced, regardless of your politics.