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The universe is inevitable and so are we

Inevitable is used to describe things that must exist regardless of the origins or configuration of the universe, such as time and logic. It also refers to emergent properties of self-organizing systems that will always evolve based on the system's generating equation.

Inevitability of the Universe and Intelligent Life

Due to the principles of self-organization and the intrinsic laws of physics, our universe is destined to evolve intelligent life. That the universe itself was also destined to be is the principle of metaphysical necessity.

If the fractal organization model is apt, then the universe will be teeming with life on billions of inhabitable planets throughout the galaxies.

Discussions of evolution often focus on how unlikely it was that humans would evolve, based on the trillions of specific and random genetic mutations that brought us here from the primordial soup. Had any of those gone differently then humans may never have evolved.

This only means that it would be extremely unlikely for us to evolve again in the exact same way as before. It says nothing about whether or not intelligent life would still arise had any of the one in a billion chance encounters that led to humanity not have happened.

Self-replication is an inevitable by-product of the universe. Life is an inevitable by-product of self-replication. Intelligence is an inevitable by-product of life. It had to happen this way.

Inevitable Outcomes of our Actions

Inevitability also refers to things we know will happen in the future based on the weight of evidence and history. For example, the progress of science means that it is inevitable that we will eventually cure most of the diseases that people currently die from, and that we will figure out what dark matter really is. Inevitable doesn't necessarily mean soon, it means definitely eventually.

War and economic collapse seem to be inevitable. Chaos theory predicts this [1][2] but it could also help us prevent it.

Understanding the generating equation behind the patterns in ourselves and our society will help us better understand why certain outcomes are inevitable when they seem to be the result of a million random coincidences.

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