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Individual fish self-organize into schools

Self-Organization explains how distributed systems with independently acting parts and no central controller or designer can spontaneously form highly complex, organized systems.

This is an important topic that is a necessary prerequisite to the full understanding of creation, evolution, fractals, societies, economics, the universe, and pretty much everything. It shows that complexity is inevitable rather than unlikely. Complex order is an intrinsic part of the universe, not something unique to intelligent beings. Unfortunately, our current education curriculums rarely introduce this topic to anyone that isn't in a college science program. And even then, its fundamental role in the understanding of nearly everything is not sufficiently emphasized.

Self-Similarity, self-correction, generating equation, recursion, and feedback loops are key related topics, and more can be found on those pages.

Other related subjects that don't have their own wiki pages yet include Chaos Theory, Complexity Theory, Emergence, Systems Theory, and Game Theory.

These concepts are key to a modern understanding of the intersection between science and religion. This video lecture from the Faraday Institute makes the case in detail: The Concept of Emergence in the Dialogue Between Science and Theology

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