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Dogma is a pencil with no eraser

A self-correcting system is one that is able to automatically resolve problems with or disruptions to that system, without external interference or help.

Science is self-correcting because the scientific method provides a mechanism for the adoption of updated theories based on new evidence. Unless god weighs in on peer review, this makes science self-correcting.

Many self-organizing systems are also self-correcting. The replication of DNA is a primary example.

In organizations, Continual Improvement allows the constant progress towards ideal best practices. Sometimes you are just getting more efficient and effective with each iteration, rather than fixing mistakes that have been introduced to the system.

In politics, it means seeking evolution, not revolution.

metaculture seeks to devise the first self-correcting belief system by providing a platform to crowdsource updates to its doctrine, allowing it to maintain relevance once its initial recommendations are inevitably demonstrated to be incomplete or incorrect.

Science is Self-Correcting, but the Record is Not

This video was surprisingly free of woo compared to expectations based on first glances.

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When looking for music about chaos theory you get a lot of trance techno and prog metal for some reason.

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