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Is it Koran, Qur'an or Quran?

The generalized term Scripture is used to refer to religious texts from any religion. The intent is to avoid reliance on specific Judeo-Christian references that only represent half of the world's population. When speaking of universalist ideas it helps to make them as universal as possible.

Scripture and Doctrine

Scripture is the foundation of Doctrine, but Doctrine can also include interpretations and traditions introduced by religious leaders and institutions over the centuries. Doctrine can also refer to non-religious codifications of belief.

Secular and Progressive people have been reluctant to define their own doctrine, fearing it will become dogma and undermine their commitment to science and reason. This has hampered efforts to rally around any holistic common cause.

Promise Versus Reality

One of the uses of scripture is to serve as an authoritative guide to personal ethics. When many of these texts were written centuries or even millennia ago, that may have actually been the case. However, modern technology, democracy, and capitalism require many specific ethical commandments not included in most religion's top ten.

In order to use ancient scripture as the basis for modern and future life choices, a significant amount of interpretation must be made, and a lot of useful information is left out.

A user-friendly scripture would provide a plain guide to modern democratic capitalist ethics that is easy to understand for people that just want answers, and all of the necessary background information from science and philosophy for those that want to dive deeper. It should also be self-correcting to allow for the latest science and evidence-based best practices to be included. The wiki platform is far superior to the book for such a work.

But Nobody Reads Anymore

We're probably going to have to do something about that if we want to continue having a functional society. But in the meantime, embedded videos can serve as a substitute for those who have lost the ability to focus on squiggly lines on a page.

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