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Technology makes the planet glow

The discussion of technology on this wiki will focus around the ethical concerns, and the establishment of legal frameworks and social norms that allow us to use technology in a way that maximizes its positive contribution to happiness and well-being and minimizes the negative consequences.

Technology Topics

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Technology and Taboo

The religion of the future should have a few commandments regarding technology.

Here's a serious example.

And some ideas with varying levels of seriousness.

  • Thou shall not scroll social media in an in-person meeting.
  • Thou shall backup thy data.
  • Thou shall not click the link if you do not recognize the domain, for it is phishing.
  • Thy algorithms shall promote content that makes people smarter and happier.
  • Thou shall not bear false witness on social media.
  • Honor thy right to privacy and keep it holy.

Technological taboos are also needed to establish and enforce social norms on social media so they can serve their intended function without constantly being ruined by trolling and misinformation.

The Ethical Implications of Technology

Videos discussing various ethical perspectives on technology and artificial intelligence.

Does Technology Need to be Ethical?

How to Make Learning as Addictive as Social Media

Ethics & Technology

How ethics will change the future of technology

Techno Music

Creative wiring has produced many cool beeps and beats.

Daft Punk - Technologic

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