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Nature is freakin' sweet let's keep it

Trees and mountains and rivers and stuff. All of it fractals.

Nature topics include:

Fractals in Nature

Fractals are everywhere in nature. Here are a few of them:

Not just a river in Egypt, it's a fractal!
Trees. Classic fractals.
This cactus is a fractal.
So is this cabbage.
Crystallized coper veins. Fractals.
You can hear the ocean in this fractal.
Look! Up in the sky! Fractals!
Look! Down in this hole! Fractals!
What's under this lily pad? Fractals!
Ferns start out as little fractals.
And grow into big fractals!
Fractal flowers here and there.
Fractal flowers everywhere.
Fractals formed by ice on glass.
Fractal neurons move your ass.

Nature Videos

Remember when PBS nature videos narrated by David Attenborough and sponsored by Mutual of Omaha were some of the best entertainment you could get on TV? You do? Damn you're old!

Nature docs still are some of the best things a young brain can watch on TV, but there's a lot more other stuff to distract you from that fact now.

Our Planet (full Netflix series)

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi