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Its a cooler story, bro

The creation story of the universe told by science is every bit as incredible and awe-inspiring as any allegory from scripture. A big bang that blinks quadrillions of stars worth of matter and energy in a supermassive explosion that self-organizes into galaxies and solar system, planets and life itself. The simple laws of physics, applied over billions of years, inevitably result in living systems, evolution, intelligent life and the ability to discover for ourselves how it all actually happened.

Is Allegory Necessary for Some?

What are the necessary prerequisites for understanding the scientific creation story? Is there an education level required for it to make sense? Does anthropomorphic allegory answer questions for someone who lacks basic science education where even a simplified telling of the big bang may not provide a satisfying explanation? Or are upbringing and social pressure the bigger factors in whether one can accept it?

What about children? Are young children more emotionally satisfied when their questions are answered by simple stories rather than a truth they aren't ready to comprehend? Or would they be equally happy with whatever you tell them, as long as you do so with confidence?

The answers to these questions should shape how the story of creation is told at different age levels and how to approach adults who don't yet fully understand it.

Does It Rhyme?

There are not a lot of words that rhyme with fractal so if you want to tell the creation story in verse you have limited options.

Before the time of the pterodactyl

The universe formed an infinite fractal

Creating itself through self-organization

And after six days it took a vacation

Creative Retellings of the Big Bang

Books like The Universe Story have attempted to provide more creative and poetic depictions of the big bang than the textbooks where these ideas are typically encountered. Ultimately, one of these will be so beautifully written, informative, and memorable, that it will go viral and become the predominant creation meme and the way future generations are given the answer to the question where did we come from?

First, a telling by the great master of the cosmos, Carl Sagan:

Carl Sagan on "The Beginning"

To see how some producers have attempted to tell this story in creative ways that can appeal to children, here are some examples:

The Beginning of the Universe
The Big Bang for Kids

This short doc gives you the gist of the creation story from a scientific perspective:

Origins of the Universe 101

These documentaries gives a more thorough retelling:

How Did the Universe Begin?
What Was the Big Bang?

As with a lot of Sacred Geometry, this video veers off into mysticism and woo a few times, but the connection it draws between fractal geometric structures and the geometry of molecular and biological structures is compelling.

The Story of Creation Through Sacred Geometry

And Monty Python put the story to song:

Monty Python - The Universe Song