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Any recommendation made by metaculture, be it personal, political, economic, psychological, medical or ethical, should be based on the best scientific evidence available at the time. Even scientific methodology and research methods themselves should be based on the best evidence of their effectiveness.

Only the truth can unify us. No lie or unproven belief will ever gain universal acceptance, but truths with resounding evidence are undeniable.

Best Practices by Discipline

These pages outline the current best practices in each field of study, based on the Utilitarian assumption that our goal is to create the greatest amount of happiness and well-being in society. Money and longevity are only a means to achieving that ultimate good.

What Needs to Go Here?

Each of these areas is an entire field of study unto itself. There is a nearly limitless amount of information that could be provided on each one. That is what regular wikipedia is for.

The goal is to distill each topic into the most important information needed to relate it to the fractal pattern of the metaculture belief system, and what will be most impactful on our life choices. It should make simple, straightforward recommendations that are supported by the preponderance of evidence and not just the latest clickbait study saying X is great for neuroplasticity and Y is the new way to lose weight fast.

It will generally assume at least a high school level education, and won't typically repeat material you should've learned in school. That's not to say that younger readers won't understand it, they may just need to follow more of the links. Age-appropriate videos will also be included when available.

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