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This page is about the importance of maintaining Traditions through generations in order to connect with our ancestors and our history. As society transitions from the religious to the secular, many traditions are lost or abandoned by new generations that find them absurd and fail to appreciate their value without the religious belief to reinforce it.

Preserving Cherished Traditions

metaculture seeks to preserve culture and tradition in the modern age by connecting it to scientific knowledge in a way that makes both more meaningful. This allows people whose brains live in the secular world to participate in the sacred without cognitive dissonance.

Traditional and Modern Modes of Thought

Traditional societies and modes of thought are hierarchical and Euclidean because most are shaped like a pyramid.

Modern societies are distributed, self-organizing systems without central control or planning--they are fractal. Human societies are now large enough to form the kind of complex systems we see everywhere in nature, and no longer respond to top-down, authoritarian management.

It is imperative that we update our traditional modes of hierarchical, top-down reasoning into a new generating equation that better represents the universe we exist in.

Traditional Internet Videos

Unfortunately, if you want videos that emphasize the importance of traditions, you are going to get a lot of JP and JC. The secular community simply does not value tradition, ritual, and culture, the way that the religious community does. This is something metaculture seeks to remedy.

What is Traditional Knowledge?

Fiddler on the Roof - Tradition!