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Maybe this stock photo priest isn't dogmatic don't make assumptions

Dogma and its cousin Ideology get a lot of hate in modern philosophy, despite the fact that they have provided significant incentives for humans to do very big things in the past. Sometimes great things, sometimes not so great. But most of the really big things had an ideology driving them.

Modern Resistance to Definitions

Most secular and progressive people are inherently resistant to any established belief system due to the fact that once you establish one it becomes dogma. And once you have dogma you have hierarchy, resistance to change, and the truth leaves you behind. This is understandable, but it puts them at quite a disadvantage when it comes to appealing to those who are seeking out a belief system and don't really want to have to figure everything out for themselves.

The Meta Definition

metaculture avoids this issue by putting science and the scientific method at the core of that dogma. This means that the only dogma is that there is no dogma. That is something that secular progressives can believe in and say that they stand for, because it will always be true.

This is similar to the Paradox of Tolerance that requires us to be intolerant of intolerance. We must be dogmatic in our resistance to dogma if we hope to prevail.

If you have spent a lot of time in the JP and JC spaces of YouTube, you can say something similar but with ideology. In this case it's a bit more nuanced, since ideology does not necessarily have the implication of rigidity that dogma has. And the goal isn't to resist all ideology, just the ones that are rigid or authoritarian. It would be more like The ideology of self-correcting ideology.

This is using the self-reference technique perfected by Gödel to provide a dogma and ideology that provide certainty through method rather than certainty in answers, just as Gödel did with mathematics.

No Dogma. What Next?

Of course, beyond this base assumption of no dogma is all of the knowledge and evidence that science and religions have gathered over the course of human history that must be taken into account when developing a belief system, documenting best practices, and making life choices. metaculture creates a malleable, self-correcting dogma that makes recommendations based on the best of our current knowledge, and stays up-to-date when new shit has come to light.

Fight Ideology With Better Ideology

Proponents of fundamentalism and the right-wing manosphere have very well thought out and slickly presented belief systems that they are actively pushing into the newsfeeds of the next generation. To act as if secular progressives don't also share a belief system by refusing to define it is to disarm yourself in the battle for our minds.

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