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The original temptation

All temptations come from the brain's tendency to favor immediate rewards over long-term consequences, which increases the saliency of cheating.

Short Term Fun, Long Term Regret

Nobody is tempted to do anything that provides no pleasure. Whether the temptation is food that is delicious but bad for you, sex that betrays your partner, or money, power and prestige that isn't earned, there is always some immediate reward to the cheater, with the long-term consequences often not seen unless the the cheater is caught or looks in the mirror years later wondering why they ate all that cake or swindled all those retirees out of their savings.

While cheating is always bad, there are many things like food, sex and money that are essential to our happiness and well-being in moderation but incredibly destructive once they become an addiction. The key is to structure our lives and our systems to encourage moderation as much as possible by making these things accessible to all without the ever-present temptations that mass media advertising is heavily incentivized to create.

Not Safe For YouTube

Searching YouTube for "Temptation" is not recommended, as it yields an unhealthy mix of JP and JC and manosphere related content.