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Enlightenment through free stock photos

Enlightenment is meant to represent the destruction of the ego but entirely too often it results in its inflation.

In spiritual traditions it generally refers to the highest level of spiritual knowledge that one can obtain.

In the western interpretation of those traditions, it tends to mean self-realization.

In metaculture it means you read all of the wiki pages and passed the standardized test.

The Kohlberg Scale represents the necessary prerequisites for ethical and moral enlightenment.

Enlightenment Through Robust General Knowledge

One of the key premises of the metaculture wiki is that anyone can gain a pretty good general idea of how the universe, our minds, and societies work, without having to become an expert in all of the relevant science or have a University-level education, though those things do make it easier.

All of the necessary information is available for free on Wikipedia, YouTube, and other websites. Only the core concepts of each subject really needs to be understood and remembered in order for them to make enough sense to put them to use in our life choices. They only need to be assembled into a coherent, holistic metanarrative that creates a consistently rational way of assimilating this knowledge and relating it to the core themes of science and happiness.

By recognizing our shared evolutionary history and common goal of happiness maximization, the universal in-group becomes a natural conclusion, and that is the "we are all one" realization at the heart of most spiritual epiphany.

The Science of Enlightenment

Videos about what enlightenment means and ways of seeking it.

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The Science of Enlightenment

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