Standardized test

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The actual test will be online of course

The standardized test will come in two formats.

The first will test your factual knowledge of the key subjects that make up the metaculture wiki. Eventually, it should be a comprehensive test similar to an ACT/SAT/MCAT/LSAT/etc. that can benchmark your knowledge across the entire educational spectrum and give you an effective grade level proficiency for every subject. This should help put Dunning-Kreuger to rest.

The second will ask about different aspects of your personal belief system, compare them to the positions taken within the metaculture wiki, and offer a similarity benchmark that indicates how much commonality they have, along with links to the relevant pages to justify the result. This will be an easier test that could be shared on social media, like a "Which member of the Friends cast are you?" but for for your philosophy of life. It will reinforce the point that we are all part of the universal in-group, and allow people to trust that the wiki shares their perspective without having to read the entire thing.

But I Want To Take a Test Now!

A great guide for true critical thinking skills

Until the metaculture coursework has been developed, a good substitute that focuses on self-correcting scientific modes of thought is the Sense & Sensibility & Science course based on the book Third Millennium Thinking.

The course teaches the philosophy, psychology, and best practices for using scientific modes of thinking to tackle the problems of information overload, misinformation, and pseudoscience. It is a more academic version of this wiki with a narrower focus on critical thinking skills.

Of course, without addressing religion and literalism, it will be hard to make the case for science to a large percentage of the population. There are also a lot of people who just want answers they can trust that help them make life choices, and don't care so much about all the experimental and philosophical background.

The book is also quite good and covers most of the same material as the course.