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How your feet look after sex if your sheets don't fit

An exploration of sexual best-practices based on a fractal understanding of the universe and pursuit of long-term happiness and well-being is forthcoming.

Is Purity Culture Designed to Make Sex Hotter?

You can't enjoy taboo sex without sexual taboos

Many studies have shown that sexual taboos supercharge our desire for the forbidden. [1][2] What if that is part of their intent?

Did our ancestors discover our psychological drive for naughty sex, realize that this drive will cause us to pursue further extremes of addiction if not constrained, and developed purity culture and sexual taboos to ensure that vanilla sex would still feel naughty enough to be satisfying?

Obviously there are many other reasons for the fact that sexual taboos are so widespread in religions. The idea that it was done to make sex more enjoyable is a theory that really gives those ancestors the benefit of the doubt.

Making the Universe Effable

This is as sexy as DALL-E will go based on this prompt. Still pretty effable.

Many people are not attracted to Pantheism because they find the universe ineffable. Understanding the fractal nature of the universe significantly increases its effability, and once you see those never-ending curves you will want to get it on with science.

The Logical Syllojism

Is it possible to employ deductive reasoning to cum to the conclusion "therefore orgasm" with logic so impregnable that the natural response is triggered by the revelation? Socrates once contemplated this, but Plato forgot to write it down.

Fractal Sex

If you search for fractal sex on YouTube you get this. Apparently the first one was the inspiration for the original iPod commercials.

Music About Sex

Some say all music is about sex. Others say only 90% of it is. We can be sure about this song.