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Symbol of the World Pantheist Movement

The basic theological tenets of metaculture are Pantheism and Universalism.

Pantheistic Universalism

The Universalist page describes Pantheistic Universalism in more detail and compares it to other universalist traditions.

It basically boils down to god is the universe.

See Pantheism or read about Pantheism by Pantheists.

Love The Earth But Stay Grounded

Many people that call themselves pantheists lean hard into the nature-loving aspects of it, and refer to it more as Earth-worship or nature-worship. There is also no inherent adherence to science required to identify as pantheist, though it's strongly implied. The definition of pantheism is compatible with science but not all pantheists are rationalists.

Not Just Immanent, Transcendent Too!

Traditional pantheism also tends to deny the transcendent aspect of god, but metaculture asserts that the laws of logic, self-organization and the fractal exist outside of the material universe but still determine how it functions. Therefore they fulfill those transcendent properties of god while still being part of the overall system of nature.

That is why metaculture is based on secular fractal pantheistic universalism not just pantheism. It may not be easy to say, but it's all needed to fully capture the theology of metaculture. Also, the goal is to be able to just say metaculture but nobody knows what that is yet.

That's Not Transcendent Enough

If the fractal doesn't quite satisfy your personal god concept and you still need to hold on to belief in the supernatural, as long as it doesn't impact your view of science as the source of all practical truth and scripture as allegory then you can still join the in-group.

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