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Psychology is another huge topic that will be distilled to a few paragraphs that can't possibly do it justice. Keep in mind we're here to put the pieces together, not to provide all the background information.

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Positive Psychology

metaculture acknowledges the need to diagnose and treat mental illness and anxiety. However, the study of the human mind should not focus exclusively on its problems. In a healthy culture, the majority of people need to focus on finding greater happiness and meaning in life, not treating debilitating conditions. Positive Psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on improving the subjective experience of consciousness, not just making it tolerable.

The focus of this wiki is not to replicate the DSM. It is to give you practical insights in to how the brain and consciousness work, and how to construct a belief system that maximizes happiness. By doing so, you can inoculate yourself against most of the disorders that you'll find in the DSM.

For more information, check out these Positive Psychology Resources.

Resolving Core Cognitive Dissonance

Jung identified the search for meaning as a central dilemma behind many psychological issues of the modern era.[1]

This key problem faced in the field of psychology is complicated by the cognitive dissonance resulting from the differences between our religion and spiritual belief systems and the scientific reality of the universe that we exist in. metaculture offers a novel solution.

As science and technology progresses, more and more of what we learn comes in conflict with scripture literalism. There are a few mental strategies for dealing with this:

  1. Ignore all of it and take a deep dive into superficiality and consumerism
  2. Adopt the position that science is wrong and literalism is right start a war with reality
  3. Adopt the position that science is right and religion is wrong and start a war with your culture and your ancestors
  4. Interpret scripture as allegory to find a belief system where both can be true

4 is the choice that would be best for anyone's mental health due to the obvious cognitive dissonance benefits of resolving such a deep conflict that sits at the very core of our souls. However, most people choose 1, 2, or 3 and this is the root cause of a lot of unnecessary mental anguish in modern society that manifests itself in any number of debilitating disorders and general anxiety. Even those that choose option 4 may not be able to fully resolve these concepts on their own without an example to emulate.

Part of the problem is that religion is the system that humans have constructed to create rituals that harness the placebo effect to regulate our emotions. Without the ability to believe and practice these rituals fully, we no longer experience their benefits. And even if we try our hardest to believe, the placebo effect is still diminished due to the mountain of scientific reality that you are forced to ignore or rationalize.

metaculture will provide a framework for a belief system that provides meaning, and rituals that will allow modern and future people to harness the power of the placebo effect with full awareness of what they are doing. This will allow rituals and sugar pills to replace many expensive and ineffective medicines that can never treat the issue of fundamental conflict between one's core belief system and reality.

Part of this is the internalized ritual of the god concept, which creates a built-in sense of optimism about the world and positive interpretations of all of life's ups and downs.

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