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Always taking the opposite side is not attractive

Many people call themselves "free thinkers" but are actually contrarians who define most of their positions in opposition to a perceived enemy rather than their own reasoning or evidence.

Trolls are the classic contrarians, and their influence on social media and Internet culture has infected a significant amount of normal discourse. Atheists are contrarians when it comes to religion. And a lot of the right wing internet is contrarian because it exists as a critique of liberalism rather than the promotion of any positive alternate ideology.

While references to contrarianism in this wiki do not refer to Peter Thiel's investment strategy, there is significant overlap between those who employ it as investors, libercontrarians who believe selfishness is altruism, the right-wing manosphere that thinks misogyny is sexy, propaganda and misinformation intended do deceive, and trolls who just do it to mess with people.

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