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Longevity's endgame is Altered Carbon

Seeking a Good Death

In the issue of quality of life versus quantity of life, the traditional view that prioritizes extension of life as a moral trump card breaks down when modern technology allows the extension of technical life when there is no hope for that life to have much happiness, and often causes great emotional and financial pain in the process.

Modern society must be able to recognize when the balance has been tipped with no hope of recovery and accept the idea of a "good death". This guides our ethical calculus with regards to evidence-based euthanasia policy.

Seeking a Delayed Death

Techno-optimists that seek radical life-extension technology would be much happier if they focused on enjoying the time they have and spent their money on altruistic ventures. If we are able to extend life significantly while maintaining quality of life then that would be great. But it will require some significant changes to our culture and economy to prevent the hoarding of wealth and political power by the older generations. [1]

Why Getting Old Rocks

These videos to help you accept the inevitability of growing old instead of clinging to life. You're going to get old regardless, so you might as well embrace it. Fortunately our brains try to make that easy for us.

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Growing old is a blessing

Life is great when it's ending

Taylor Swift - I don't want to live forever