Cognitive Dissonance

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This is your brain on cognitive dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is the psychological pain caused by conflicting beliefs. It is an essential tool for our brain's survival because it helps us correct beliefs that are out of step with reality by giving us anxiety until we change the belief.

The Core Cognitive Dissonance of Modern Culture

The introduction of science has caused a steady rise in cognitive dissonance for those that believe in religious literalism. The more we know about the universe, the more evidence we find that the literal interpretation is impossible to reconcile. This has caused an increasing number of people to choose a secular belief system, but if these don't make room for the spiritual you end up having dissonance over the fact that you are disconnected from your ancestors and the majority of humanity.

This is why the development of a universalist theology that reconciles science and religion is essential for modern happiness and well-being. It will allow both religious and secular people to consider themselves part of the same in-group, and integrate both views of reality into a single unified belief system.

Hope For a Less Dissonant Future

Cognitive dissonance is why all misinformation, grift, conspiracy, superstition and other malarkey will always be temporary. Granted there's always new b.s. to take its place, but the march of progress is always towards greater truth.

Cognitive Dissonance Videos

Unless you have a fundamental disagreement with the concept of cognitive dissonance, watching these videos should not increase yours.

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