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When used in metaculture, life choices refers broadly to the important decisions that you have to make in your life to build sustainable happiness and fulfillment, and the relevant information and beliefs about the universe that is needed to inform those decisions.

The point being made is that as long as you are functionally rational, meaning your life choices and politics are based on reason and evidence-based best practices rather than dogma, it doesn't really matter what your view on the supernatural is, or any other metaphysical opinions you may hold.

What is Relevant?

So much of spirituality and speculative scientific theories like quantum mechanics spend a lot of time focusing on aspects of the universe that are irrelevant to our life choices.

Does it matter if there is a multiverse? Or if we are living in a simulation? Or if the deist version of god set the universe in motion? In all cases we still exist within a single, procedurally generated universe that, according to every confirmed observation, conforms to consistent physical laws.

And we must figure out how to live a happy life, having found ourselves existing within such a universe. To do so it is important to separate the signal from the noise when informing those decisions to avoid information overload.

There is also a significant amount of grift out there from people claiming to offer advice but really only have expensive seminars and placebo based supplements to sell you. metaculture helps you identify grift and ignore it.

What is Best?

Once we've determined what information is relevant to consider for our life choices, it becomes a matter of determining best practices based on the available information to find a course that is likely to lead to happiness.

In life we rarely deal with complete and incontrovertible information. Most of the time you have to take the best available information and place a bet on what you think is most likely. When viewed this way it becomes easy to discard more unlikely theories and move past indecision and agnosticism.

What is Available?

When you combine deterministic free will with a consideration of life choices you come to the conclusion that freedom means the increasing of available life choices that can realistically be pursued within the political, economic, and social norm constraints of the society you live in.

What's Happening Under the Hood?

Too many people, particularly atheists and fundamentalists, get caught up in the details of our theological beliefs rather than focusing on the resulting life choices, which are ultimately all that matters to other people.

It doesn't matter whether you are an atheist, agnostic, pantheist, panentheist, deist, Buddhist, or theist that believes in a supernatural creator, as long as you acknowledge that the universe operates according to the laws of physics and therefore we must use science and reason to uncover evidence-based best practices for maximizing utilitarian happiness. If you base your decisions on science and reason, it really doesn't matter what your supernatural or spiritual beliefs are. Functionally, you are a rational person whose politics and decision making can be trusted not to steer humanity towards apocalypse.

What is On the Tube?

Some choices happen once in a lifetime and change everything. Other choices you make every day. The question of what to watch falls in the latter category. Here are some suggestions.

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