These things are bad, mkay?

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Drugs are bad, mkay?

These things are bad, mkay? Don't do these things.

Given the enormity of some of these problems, they tend to get outsized attention in the media. And rarely are any feasible solutions part of that coverage.

To avoid information overload, the more popular or obvious topics are not discussed in detail on this wiki. Is a dissertation on the ethics of genocide going to make any difference in your opinion or life choices? You know these things are bad, there is no need to belabor the point.

The only way to address these problems is at their source--the generating equation that leads to hierarchical social organization, sectarian in-groups, and the pursuit of money and power as the key meterstick for success. Only if the culture can adopt a fundamental belief system with equality, freedom, and happiness as its primary goals, can our tendencies towards self-destruction can be curbed.

Drugs are Bad, Mkay?