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Radio on the Internet

A non-authoritative list of high-quality podcasts that promote a similar point of view to metaculture via interviews with relevant authors and experts on many of the subjects discussed here.

Also check out these Books and Organizations for additional resources.

There are a ton of podcasts out there that promote atheist, religious, and political points of view that often agree with assertions made on this wiki. However, this list is focused on high-quality podcasts that are pro-science but not anti-religion, and offer a point of view of that encourages positive dialog.

It should go without saying that inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of every opinion they present.

Hidden Brain: Basically Making All the Same Points

The Us 2.0 series on Hidden Brain, released shortly after the launch of this wiki, does an excellent job of making many of the same key points made in in-group, persuasion, progressive, good faith conservatism, balance of power, and other unity-related pages.

The whole podcast is full of practical advice for happiness, consciousness exploration, persuasion, evidence-based best practices, and the ways we must mentally deal with modern technology and capitalism. If you want to get an overview of 75% of the ideas and perspectives being presented by this wiki, listen to their entire archive. For your convenience, most episodes have been linked to directly from the relevant pages.

Of course, like every scientific content creator, it presents a series of disconnected ideas rather than a holistic vision for how they are all connected. But what if you took every episode of Hidden Brain and turned it into a belief system by relating each one to a universal theme? Now that's something the NPR crowd can get behind! All hail Shankar Vedantam!