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It is gold or blue? Depends on your point of view.

Perspective, or Point of View, is used throughout the wiki to reinforce the notion that metaculture is simply a subjective way of interpreting science and religion and makes no specific factual assertions about either beyond the Pantheistic assumption that god is not separate from the universe itself.

metaculture is the perspective that the material universe is our most likely reality. It's a very nice place to spend your life, and requires no supernatural enhancement.

Perspective Relates Disparate Subjects

Perspective is also used to tie all of the various scientific subjects and philosophical beliefs together into a common cause and narrative. For example, happiness is shown to be the goal of both our personal life and society, so each topic that describes best practices in these areas will show how that recommendation improves utilitarian happiness. This helps you see the unified, underlying goal of improving quality of life and how that impacts every aspect of our morality and culture. This holistic view aids in the formation of the god concept.

Facts Versus Perspectives

metaculture is not about any specific path to happiness, rather it's the notion that utilitarian happiness should be the primary goal for ourselves and our society, and that life should come with an up-to-date guidebook on how to find it.

It doesn't matter whether the universe started with the Big Bang, or if it always has existed, if there are multiple universes, how many dimensions there are, or any other cosmological specifics that have no bearing on whether reality operates according to physical laws that cannot be broken only revealed in greater detail through experiment.

It doesn't even matter if the universe follows a fractal pattern or if some other mathematical model represents it better. The fractal is a useful metaphor for understanding complex systems, and a metaphor is often still valid even after we gain a deeper understanding of the real thing it describes. While significant updates would be required to replace it, even the fractal god could be updated if a better analog is found.

The ultimate reality of the universe that science reveals is much less important than the perspective that scientific reality is beautiful and life is full of happiness and meaning. These subjective notions depend solely on how you look at things.

Persuasive Perspectives

The logic behind many of the perspectives and philosophical positions taken in this wiki is because of their persuasive power. The importance of getting humanity on board with the plan to use evidence-based best practices to increase global happiness cannot be understated. Therefore, it is far more important to take a perspective that is effective at persuasion than it is to "own" people on social media and rake in the likes from the like-minded.

In other words, click on the Persuasion link it's an important topic that is central to the approach taken on virtually every subject discussed on this wiki.

Perspectives on Perspective

The metaculture wiki is never one to pass up an opportunity for self-reference, and this sentence is no exception. But that's why we call it meta.

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