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Mathematics and Logic form the underlying rules of order for the universe. Similar to time, these inevitable concepts exist outside of the physical universe, yet every movement of every atom is governed by them.

Transcendent Logic

Math and logic are inevitable, in that it is impossible to conceive of a universe that does not abide by their rules.

Given these properties of math and logic, many theologians have attributed the transcendent aspect of god to them. If god is not logic itself, logic is almost always a property of god. [1][2][3]

In metaculture, the principles of math and logic are the transcendent aspect of god, represented by the fractal, and the physical universe is the immanent.

What If You Hate Math?

Hate math and want to turn it against itself? See Gödel.

Logical Fallacies

Understanding the common logical fallacies used in debate will help you maintain your sanity should you participate in social media or even an old fashioned face-to-face conversation.
Every Logical Fallacy Explained in 11 Minutes

Logical Fallacies

Math Videos

This is a trailer for a course on logic, but it really nails the wonder and importance of the subject.

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