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The universe taking a selfie

The universe is everything, and everything is part of the universe.

Pantheistic Universalism

metaculture adopts a pantheistic view of god in order to bridge the gap between traditional religious modes of thought and modern science and rationalism. Viewing god and the universe as the same thing allows scientific inquiry to be seen with the same divine inspiration as spirituality. It allows those who come from religious backgrounds to embrace materialism by seeing their beliefs in a new light rather than rejecting them outright.

It also allows for religious universalism without the need for moral relativism, since all religions ultimately describe the same god (the universe) using different metaphors, languages and cultural reference points. Therefore, all morality ultimately comes from the same source, and instead of being arbitrary, there are boundaries to what any culture might find acceptable, based on our evolutionary psychology.

God = Universe

The universe is everything. God is everything. God is great. God is the universe. Therefore the universe is great. Enjoy it!

The terms universe and god will be used interchangeably throughout this wiki, so atheists and literalists will just need to deal with that.

The Universe of Universes

Some say there is a multiverse. Parallel universes in other dimensions, ones that existed before or will come after ours, or ones outside of the bounds of our own but within the same space-time continuum. Regardless, the existence of any other universe is irrelevant until there is some evidence there is some impact on our own universe, or some way for us to interact with them. It is fun to discuss theoretically, but the truth of the multiverse should have no influence on what you choose to believe about god.

The pantheistic definition of god uses universe as a shorthand, but it really means all of existence, including any unknown matter or dimensions outside of our own.

The Universe is a Simulation

No it isn't and it wouldn't matter if it was. See Simulation Theory.

Journey to the Center of the Universe

Eye of the Universe - Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom

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