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An AI interpretation of "Quantum Chackras"

Woo-woo is a dismissive term used to refer to unfounded spiritual and wellness practices that have no scientific basis.

Conspirituality uses a great phrase in their podcast, Quantum Woo. It refers to the tendency for modern spiritual grifters to use quantum mechanics as a catch-all "scientific" explanation for whatever pseudoscientific belief they are trying to promote.

There is a similar Fractal Woo that tends to show up in the Sacred Geometry spaces and among psychedelic advocates. There's not a lot of money to be made, so it tends to come more from earnest but less than grounded psychonauts than spiritual grifters. Though some are definitely crypto-bros.

The observable effects of quantum mechanics are irrefutable. The myriad conclusions that people draw from it, from the multiverse to free will to Simulation Theory, are quantum woo and should not be considered when attempting to determine what the nature of reality is, or at least the part that matters to your life choices.

While metaculture really seems like the kind of "science meets spirituality" philosophy that is typically chock full of quantum woo, you will find no such thing here. But, if some rituals and spiritual practices show evidence of efficacy they should not be dismissed, even if they are simply eliciting the placebo effect. The referenced article [1] makes this point well with regard to meditation, visualization, and reiki, before veering into classic quantum woo when discussing psi. Critical thinking is essential when approaching these subjects with an open mind as science and pseudoscience are often comingled.

A universe without woo is still a beautiful universe that can make you happy to be alive if you have the right perspective.

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