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See the metaculture and wiki pages to find out about the metaculture wiki.

Creating an Account

Request an account and confirm your email address to become a contributor or access the Discussion pages. This will let you ask questions or leave feedback about any of the ideas on this wiki and share the responses with others that may have the same question, even if you don't plan to edit pages.

Due to the large number of bots and other bad actors that will create fake accounts if you enable it, new accounts are provided by request only.

Please indicate your preferred username and email address in the request.

Be sure to check your Junk folder and add to your whitelist if necessary. The sender will be

Join the Mailing List

If you want us to keep in touch and let you know when something cool is about to happen, join the mailing list!

Account creation instructions will also be emailed to you when you join the mailing list so this gets two birds stoned at once.

Contacting the Mods

Contact the wiki mods to request an account or offer comments, feedback, etc.

The easiest method is to use the live chat at the bottom of the page. If someone is available they can reply or create your account immediately. If not, leave a message and we'll usually respond within 24 hours. We also enjoy a good philosophical discussion!

Or email at:

Contributing to the Wiki

All verified users can contribute to the wiki as long as your edits maintain the perspective, goals, and values of the metaculture philosophy, and don't contribute to information overload.

Any edits that fail to do so will be undone, and repeat offenders will be blocked.

The goal is to facilitate collaboration among like-minded contributors, not provide a platform for anyone to give their opinions.