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A picture to evoke the big picture

metaculture provides a holistic view of science and spirituality that unifies them in a single fractal vision of the universe.

If science and philosophy are a puzzle, and every discipline is a piece of that puzzle, then metaculture is the picture on the box and the image is a fractal.

If the belief system of the future came in a box like Ikea furniture, metaculture would be the instructions, written so that anyone of any culture can understand them.

If Wikipedia represents all of human knowledge, the metaculture wiki represents the story that it tells, and a way for our minds to comprehend it and communicate it to others.

If this wiki isn't any of those things, then metaculture is the thing that will inevitably become those things.

The fractal zoom in reverse helps you visualize the journey to a holistic viewpoint.

Picture the fractal zoom in reverse. This is an allegory for how we take the details provided to us by facts and evidence, take a step back, and see how they form the big picture. This process is described in detail under March of Progress.

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