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The scientific creation story (the Big Bang) is by far the best creation myth in the history of mankind. It has the most fantastical elements like giant explosions of matter creating galaxy-sized clouds that form themselves into billions of suns each giving life to its own system of planets and possibly alien civilizations. But most people don't see it that way because it is rarely told like a story. If the big bang is studied at all by students it is usually with the dryness of a textbook and all the inspiration of a mid-term exam.

When placed in the hands of a master storyteller like Carl Sagan, the scientific creation story is far more captivating than any ancient mythology, made even more wonderous by virtue of being true.

The second part of the scientific creation story is evolution, which explains the rise of life and the human race. Evolution is incredible in its own right, showing how the power of recursion can take a simple self-replicating molecule and spring forth every living thing that has ever existed, in a family tree that goes back trillions of generations.