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The Universe loves you no matter what

Love is all you need. Until you get hungry. Or the weather gets bad. Then you might need food and shelter too. See Maslow.

Love is an incredibly powerful emotion and one of the primary things we seek in life. However, love is not the goal--happiness is. Love can help lead us to happiness but it is the vehicle, not the destination.

Love has been extensively analyzed by philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and poets since the beginning of time, so there is no new information or unique perspective on love that could be added here.

Obviously a personal best practice with regard to love would be to love truly, deeply, honestly and expansively. Love your partner, your family, your friends, coworkers, fellow citizens, and members of the human race. The more you love the more you can love, like exercising a muscle.

But of course, this has been said a million times in a million better ways so this wiki will focus more on things like fractals, religion, and ethics where a unique perspective can be found.

Love is better expressed through music anyway.